NYP/Queens Doctors

As the largest and finest hospital serving the people of Queens, NYP/Queens has a staff of more than 1500 physicians, dentists and podiatrists. (Links to info on ten, randomly selected clinicians can be found below.)

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Dan Cimponeriu
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Meet Dr. Cimponeriu

Xueshu Zhang
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Meet Dr. Zhang

Richard Delson
Specialty: Dental Medicine

Meet Dr. Delson

Albert Samandarov
Specialty: Podiatry

Meet Dr. Samandarov

Aryel Nicoleau
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Geriatric Medicine

Meet Dr. Nicoleau

John Coman
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Meet Dr. Coman

Nancy Fan Paul

Meet Dr. Fan Paul

Margaret Griffith
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

Meet Dr. Griffith

Han Lee
Specialty: Anesthesiology

Meet Dr. Lee

Christopher Foglia
Specialty: Surgery

Meet Dr. Foglia