NYP/Queens Doctors

As the largest and finest hospital serving the people of Queens, NYP/Queens has a staff of more than 1500 physicians, dentists and podiatrists. (Links to info on ten, randomly selected clinicians can be found below.)

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Alexander Wu
Specialty: Ophthalmology

Meet Dr. Wu

Marvin Leder
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Meet Dr. Leder

Costas Frousios
Specialty: Pediatrics

Meet Dr. Frousios

Mehri Songhorian
Specialty: Neurology

Meet Dr. Songhorian

Francisco Vega-Bermudez
Specialty: Neurology

Meet Dr. Vega-Bermudez

Stephen Becker
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Meet Dr. Becker

Andrew Nguyen
Specialty: Cardiac Surgery

Meet Dr. Nguyen

John Iraj
Specialty: Radiology

Meet Dr. Iraj

Kawser Ahmed
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Meet Dr. Ahmed

Levan Khasidy
Specialty: Urology

Meet Dr. Khasidy